Darryl Lim is a Singapore-based Educator & Graphic Designer.

Currently enjoying and inspired by: 
As is the Sea: An Anthology, RCA CWAD students
The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, Mami Sunada (on Studio Ghibli)
Martyrdöd – Paranoia / Southern Lord
Daniel Menche​/​William Fowler Collins – split / Sige Records
Mesa Ritual – s/t / Sige Records
Grizzlyman – s/t / Tatarus Tapes
FAILURES – Decline and Fall / Youth Attack

I know who my masters are: Piero della Francesca or Michelangelo Merisi, and I try to stand up to them. I have that standard of quality, even if I am forced to work with objects that are limited by banal functions.

Adapted from an interview in Apartamento #4

You have some material to investigate. Find a system with which to configure this material: do not impose a system, but try out different ways of ordering it. For example, put the material in date order, or in geographical order, or array it by date and by location. What does this configuration then tell us? Be honest in this: if there is a gap, let there be a gap — it may tell us something. So the work is one of finding a system that reveals meaning.

Extracted from a review in Back Cover #3

Since being invited into schools in 1967, I have become more and more aware that the real job of the designer, rather than any technique, is to cultivate: the designer’s real objective is not to build the city but to show how a city may be built, with the city as a tangible form of civilisation.

Adapted from A lesson with AG Fronzoni. From teaching design to designing lifestyle

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce